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Weatherization online Training (WxOT)


Project Overview

Serving as technical manager on this $6-million grant through the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) for U.S. Department of Energy, SuPerB is supervising the development of a set of online resources for residential weatherization training. Utilizing innovative web-browser based 3D animation technologies, the project aims to bolster current WAP training programs, and supply the nation with the workforce it now demands.

Project Website

More about the project

The content developed from 2010 thru early 2012 includes 53 open source online training modules. Over a third of the online courses use advanced 3D, immersive, interactive learning environments. Over 20% of the online courses are immersive educational games that are imbedded in a game-based engine. Two game engines or frameworks are used – (1) a proprietary game engine (Vicious), and (2) an open source game-based interactive framework (IAF) powered by the NWTP / Kuda platforms and developed by JHT as a by-product of the WxOT project.


Modules have been developed for three primary weatherization program audiences – installers, crew chiefs and auditors. Example learning modules include such topics as insulating walls, air sealing of attics, basements and crawlspaces, weatherizing window and doors, blower door pressure testing. All content developed is open source, and may be modified and repackaged by users.

All modules developed have been reviewed and vetted by members of the national weatherization training centers.

Video of the White House Forum on Transforming Federal Information Technology (IT) Management, 27 April 2011. Daniel Poneman, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy, speaks about the weatherization project and framework, NTER, starting at time 31 min.