We are a small group, passionate about our involvement in, and development of open-source, educational software to serve the building industry. Our backgrounds range from architecture to 3D modeling. We are bikers, gamers, educators, and readers; we have IKEA-desk team-building exercises and rearrange the furniture at least twice weekly. We are on a quest to try every restaurant surrounding our daylit, naturally vented, historic office in Berkeley, from the hot dog stand at Ashby BART to the less-cost-prohibitive fringes of the Gourmet Ghetto. We LOVE acronyms.




Joseph Deringer

Executive Director

As SuPerB's Executive Director, Joe manages SuPerB's core projects, including several large, multi-organization eLearning software development projects for the buildings industry. For over 30 years, he has helped to develop more energy-efficient, sustainable buildings worldwide, and has developed and disseminated educational software, resources, and information. Over the winter of 2009-2010, while on a 10-month leave-of-absence from SuPerB to be a visiting researcher within the Building Technologies Department of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, he managed two projects developing eLearning tools for commercial buildings and their systems.
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Roland "Rollie" Otto

Project Coordinator

Currently serving as SuPerB's Learn Green Buildings project administrator and go-to educational consultant, with over 30 years experience as a scientist/educator Rollie, remains an enthusiastic advocate for science, engineering and technical education."Retirement" from his distinguished career as an educator/scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California only seemed to energize his activities in the field. Rollie has developed, led, and managed projects to educate and train thousands of students and teachers at the graduate, undergraduate, and precollege levels for the US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, California Department of Education and the Stephen D. Bechtel Foundation. With a Ph.D in nuclear and physical chemistry, Rollie has had the opportunity to work with world class scientists, including two Nobel Prize winners.





Andrew Scully

Research Associate with emphasis on 3D Modeling, Animation, Programming, and e-learning authoring.

Andrew R. Scully is a graphic artist and animator. After graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Computer Art and Animation, he freelanced as a graphic artist, applying his skills to a wide range of projects, from website-development for burgeoning non-profits to print advertising for international companies. Currently, Andrew is developing 3-D models for SuPerB's open-source educational resources, as well as serving as the senior author within the National Weatherization Training Project Platform (









Susan Haufler

research associate/elearning developer/Office Manager

Susan Haufler is a Project Manager and eLearning Developer at SuPerB (Institute for the Sustainable Performance of Buildings). She holds a B.A. from University of California, Berkeley in Architecture and a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Library Science at San Jose State University and a certificate in e-Learning from San Francisco State University. Prior to joining SuPerB in 2011, Susan worked as an educator in the California public school system, as a Business Analyst for Silicon Graphics, Inc., and as a designer for a number of small SF Bay Area architecture firms specializing in residential remodels.


At SuPerB, Susan has collaborated with a team of Photovoltaic Subject Matter Experts, Code Officials, and Media Developers to develop the online program: Photovoltaic Online Training for Code Officials (PVOT), which is available at