eLAD Body of Knowledge
A browser-based interactive eLearning platform for lighting & daylighting problem-based scenarios; uses 1000’s of pre-calculated Radiance images. Also, 3-part syllabus for an open source curriculum was developed. $1.5M funding from DOE.


Learn HVAC

Downloadable, interactive, simulation-driven problem-based scenario tool for learning system thinking and troubleshooting of VAV systems. Funding from NSF & CEC.


Learn HPB
Browser-based, simulation driven online learning platform for high performance office buildings, including daylighting, enclosure, lighting, and HVAC, with $2M funding from CEC.


SuPerB managed technical development of 45+ weatherization online training (WxOT) modules.



SuPerB managed technical and content development of 7 photovoltaic online training modules for code officials (PVOT). Funded by DOE and IREC.



Peer-Reviewed Papers


Developing Photovoltaic Online Training for Code Officials (PVOT)‐ Immersive Online Training in the Solar Industry
ACEEE | June 30, 2012
Susan Haufler, Andrew Scully, Institute for Sustainable Performance of Buildings (SuPerB)
Jane Weissman, Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)


Developing Weatherization Online Training Content (WxOT)
ACEEE | June 30, 2012
Stephanie Stubbs, Earle Kennett, National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS)
Joseph J. Deringer, Institute for the Sustainable Performance of Buildings (SuPerB)
Michelle Fox, Alex Cohen, US Department of Energy
John Shockley, Omur Tasar, SRI International
Kelly Cutchin, SMS


LearnHPB and eLAD: Two Related Online eLearning Platforms for High Performance Buildings
ACEEE | June 30, 2012

Joseph J. Deringer, J. Elliot Nahman, Kirsten Heming, Institute for the Sustainable Performance of Buildings (SuPerB)
Michael Wetter, Xiu Feng Pang (XP), Maria Konstantoglou, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)